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Download the Screencastify Extension 2.1.0-bc5f6212 CRX file free for Google Chrome at Chrome web store



Screencastify extension Download for Chrome

Screencastify CRX 2.1.0-bc5f6212 free Download for Chrome. Maybe Screencastify Develop by On their website is the most popular alternative Google Chrome extension Download website. So that follow step by step guide How to download Screencastify CRX on their website.

Screencastify CRX free download

Are you looking to hide your IP address or your location? Don’t wary, we are this post the best solution on how to hide your location using the Screencastify extension in your Google Chrome browser. Every user all time cannot visit every website, at this time need IP changer extension. Screencastify is the best for Chrome. Next step I will provide you How to install Screencastify CRX file used on this website.

How To Install Screencastify CRX for Chrome?

Similarly, If you want to install this Extension, must connect internet connection and use Google Chrome Browser also Opera mini Browser otherwise you cannot use Screencastify CRX file in your browser. Now follow step by step guide How to install Screencastify for Chrome.

1. Fast open Google Chrome browser
2. Then go to
3. Then search
4. Now your display a list
5. I think you can see website
6. Now this website search Screencastify use Search menu
7. Now open on this extension
8. If you can follow the right step by step guide I think you can see the Download button.
9. Now click the Download button
10. The final step waits a few times, auto install your Chrome browser.

Screencastify Description: Screencastify is Chrome’s most trusted screen recorder.

✔ Millions and many weekly users
✔ 2.4 million hours recorded in 2018
✔ #1 most installed Chrome screen recorder

🎥 Record
▸ Desktop, browser tab or webcam capture
▸ Narrate together with your microphone’s audio
▸ Customize your resolution and FPS
▸ Embed your webcam into the screencast

✄ Edit
▸ Annotate your screen with a pen tool
▸ Focus a spotlight on your mouse
▸ Crop your recording (Premium)
▸ Trim your recording (Premium)

🚀 Share
▸ Videos automatically saved to Google Drive
▸ Publish on to YouTube
▸ Save and manage videos locally
▸ Export as .mp4 or animated gif (Premium)

▸ 10-minute recording limit per video
▸ 50 videos per month
▸ Screencastify watermark

▸ Unlimited recording time
▸ Unlimited number of videos
▸ No watermark
▸ Export as MP4 and GIF
▸ Crop / trim videos

Learn more at
“Screencastify is the simplest tool I’ve ever wont to record my screen.
“Screencastify is simply awesome. I wont to use bulky screencast/screenshot software…including SnagIt, Camtasia, AND Screencast-O-Matic. Screencastify does everything I want and lives right in my browser.” – Devon L. (Product Manager)
“As a UX designer, I’m head over heels crazy with Screencastify. I can record, watch, and hear a user’s reaction and movement. It’s so awesome.” – Harry H. (UX Designer)

🎓 Education:
▸ Strong enough for universities, safe enough for kindergarteners
▸ Top Pick
▸ Teachers save time, increase the effectiveness
▸ Perfect for flipped classrooms
▸ Enable more 1:1 feedback
▸ Language, speechmaking, comprehension practice
▸ Designed for Chromebooks

💻 UX Designers:
▸ Capture detailed user experiences
▸ Track facial reactions on webcam
▸ Find and demonstrate bugs with videos

📈 Marketers:
▸ Users prefer video over the other medium
▸ Create how to’s, presentations, demos, etc
▸ Share an enticing brand message

👥 Account Managers:
▸ Speed up communication and economize
▸ Create 30-second demos for clients
▸ No more repetitive explanatory emails

📚 Corporate Training:
▸ Practice sales pitches and other skills
▸ Uncover weaknesses and opportunities

🌍 Everyone Else:
With many weekly users, we’ve been ready to accommodate almost any and each screen recording idea – from professional YouTubers to UFO hunters. What are you waiting for? Install Screencastify and encourage the planet together with your screencasts.

📝 Specs:
▸ Screencasts are captured as WebM/vp8 files with Ogg Vorbis audio
▸ Videos are often saved to your local disk as various file types (GIF, MP4, etc), on to your Google Drive, published to Youtube, otherwise, you can share the link virtually anywhere
▸ Screencastify doesn’t depend upon any external software (like Java, Flash or other plugins) so it runs on Chrome OS, Chromebooks, and Chromeboxes
▸ Screen recording may be a CPU intensive task. Older or weaker computers may lag if multiple programs and tabs are open at an equivalent time as a screencast

📨 Info / Contact Us:
▸ Support Docs:
▸ FAQs:
▸ Tech Support: [email protected]
▸ API Info:

In conclusion: I think in this article you can clear information on How to download Screencastify and how to use Screencastify for your Google Chrome browser. If you want more information of Screencastify fell free to comment below. Next replay I will provide clear information on This post. Also, you can share your social media like Facebook twitter, and your friend. Thanks

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